Sunday, 13 April 2014

Our 3rd And Final Episode on 'Religion & Magic" Ragnarok

Welcome to all! We appreciate each and everyone of you are listeners and appreciate the fact as well that you continue to visit this site which is why we resurrected it and linked it with our main website!

This is our 3rd and final episode on the "Religion and Magic Series" which deals with the subject of Ragnarok from the Voluspa. There is also a reading at the midpoint of the show just as in the 2nd episode, only this one appropriately deals with an area of the underworld called Nifhel.

In this episode we delve the deepest into the difference between the religious path and the magical path and how one can look at things from an apocalyptic viewpoint, or from a cyclical viewpoint. This episode was made prior to the alignment of 2012 which you QUITE quickly when you start listening to the episode. You will find that the things that I talk about and that Glen (Tyrsson) talks about have an alarming accuracy as to what our world is involved in today, and how mythologies are stories that are not true, but through their imagery contains truth that tells us about the cycle of birth death and renewal!

For those of you that are subscribing through iTunes or through another RSS feeder you will have this episode immediately once it's released. Those of you that are on the Facebook page or who have subscribed to the newsletter that is described there will also receive the broadcast when it is released along with RSS information which is very easy to find on the main site through the RSS symbol on the right-hand side. Our network site is being cleaned up to be more simple as that is a work in progress LOL! Our main focus with the network site is being able to promote those people who have a podcast whether it be in the realm of our religion or news and media, and even entertainment that the best and the brightest content can be provided to you folk from various sources through a single gateway.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

NRR- Religion & Magic Part 2

Hail to all!

Sunday is the day that we put our new broadcast up on the NRR! I have been on a hiatus for this past month and we will begin our new broadcasts starting in the month of May, until then we have been putting classic broadcasts from the old NRR on the air on our channel. This week's edition is "Religion and Magic Part Two". You will not want to miss this broadcast especially if you have enjoyed the NRR broadcasts in the past! This broadcast includes readings from Voluspa, and a midpoint lore reading of the "Lay of Thrim". As this was one of the earliest broadcasts of the NRR our sound levels have been adjusted so that everyone could be heard, as several people were on this show at the same time crowded into a small living room at varying distances from the microphones available. We are a homegrown grassroots radio station and you do get to hear that on shows like this! Where it comes to some of the quieter voices that have been amplified you will hear a little bit of a background hum. Just bear in mind that this was one of our earliest broadcasts and that we did not have all the equipment that we do today! The message of this particular broadcast is so powerful that it is one that you will definitely want to hear more than once and share with as many people as you can. 

Starting on the first Sunday of May you are going to definitely want to be tuned in for the brand-new broadcasts as they are going to be very hard-hitting moving to the soul. Thank you for your support, we appreciate each of you are listeners – – and believe in you that you can make a difference with us in the world. We don't all go after the same thing in the same way, and we each have different spheres of influence, but we can each change our world in which we live. Hail!

Friday, 4 April 2014

The NRR and The NRR Channels!

 NRR-Northern Runes Radio

We look forward to giving you the best we can in Asatru/Heathen related content, both RELIGIOUS and ESOTERIC!  There are also mainstream morning shows posted Monday to Friday on our Facebook page, and READINGS from the LORE via SOUNDCLOUD on that page as well.  Other groups are also represented and can be found at our network site:
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

NRR Has Moved

NRR has moved from blogger. We now have full station access and a video blog to be found here:


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Important NEWS

There's a very important announcement and a special surprise that is being unveiled at the airing of our new broadcast at 8 p.m. this Sunday MST! You will want to make sure that you were tuned into The NRR :-)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

News Re: Itunes


I have some news! Once we achieve 130 streaming hours/day on our station--we will be able to have our station stream available directly through itunes! They will list us in their internet radio directory. 
We have more than enough folk who have listened to the podcast to easily make this goal happen--so we just need to get the word out to everyone that NRR is alive and well--and on Radionomy :) Hail to all of you, and a special HAIL to those who "favorited" our station on Radionomy!! 
For those interested in making us one of their "favorites" on radionomy, just click the link below;
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Monday, 30 September 2013

Schedule for September 30 - October 5, 2013

NRR Schedule
September 30th to October 5th  2013

Beowulf Part 6
and an interview with Kellianna Girouard!

On this episodes we see the reign of Beowulf now interrupted by the appearance of the Dragon!  The destruction this dragon wreaks upon the land is the ultimate challenge Bewoulf has yet to face.  Journey with us on this exciting tale!

Also we have an interview with Kellianna Girouard ragrding her new album "Traditions".  See information on Kellianna, her websites and where you can get her music here:

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This broadcast is slated to begin Monday Oct 7, 2013

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